Lyve Systems is continuously improving the treatment process by researching and adding new technology. Our systems are now equipped with two new technologies: the MBBR & the MBR.

Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) – As a consequence of the ongoing need to conserve water, the concentration of contaminants in winery process waste streams is increasing. To ensure our systems can process these increased loadings, while still maintaining a small footprint, Lyve Systems is now including a Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) as the first stage in the treatment process. The MBBR represents a different spectrum in advanced wastewater treatment. In the MBBR process, biofilm grows attached on small carrier elements suspended in constant motion throughout the entire volume of the reactor and is constrained to the bioreactor through sieve arrangements at the reactor outlet. Advantages of the MBBR process include better oxygen transfer, shorter Hydraulic Residence Time (HRT), higher organic loading rates, and a larger surface area for mass transfer. In other words, an MBBR provides more efficient processing of concentrated effluent than would otherwise be possible.

Membrane Filtration – With the increasing need to reuse and recycle processed wastewater, Lyve Systems has included a final membrane polishing step. The physical barrier imposed by the membrane system provides a final filtration of the treated effluent. All of our new Lyve Systems models have obtained California Title 22 certification for water purity.