Lyve Systems is an industry-focused wastewater solution geared towards wine production. With over ten-plus years of experience, Lyve Systems is the leading winery wastewater treatment system. Lyve Systems is able to target varying size wineries from small family-owned to large leading winery corporations.

Wine Barrels

With systems installed throughout the heart of wine country, our experienced staff is able to cater a specific solution to treat and reuse your winery wastewater.

Wastewater produced in wine-making facilities contains mainly soluble sugars and ethanol associated with the wine. These “contaminants” are dissolved into the water and cannot be separated by mechanical means. The Lyve System uses naturally occurring bacteria to break down these compounds. 

Known for our small "footprint," our modular systems take up less space than conventional ponds or leach-fields, allowing better utilization of land.

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