Our Mission

“To develop our business to become a world-class preferred solution for wineries and communities that are as careful and meticulous about their environment as they are about the wine they produce.”

Our Staff

Meet our Expanded Staff Over the past 8 years, company founder Wayne August has developed Lyve into a leading-edge solution for sustainable winery wastewater processing. Wayne’s innovations and demonstrated success are now being backed up by an expanded team that will enable the company to grow and meet the demand for these systems. Wayne continues to play a key role in R&D as well as being Lyve’s lead sales person and CTO.

Company Founder Wayne August Email developed Lyve Systems specifically for winery applications, where producers face the challenges of very high biological oxygen-demand effluent. Though he and his family still reside in New Zealand, Wayne and his wife Nanette also have a residence here in Napa. Wayne has become a well-known fixture in the Napa Valley winery operations world. Lyve Systems’ enhanced biological digester is quickly becoming the industry standard in the environmentally progressive Napa Valley.

Fulltime Service Manager and Technician Chris Reindl Email monitors and services systems that are now in place. With several years of wastewater treatment experience, Chris enables Lyve to offer its clients a range of options for service, maintenance, or even complete operation of the Lyve systems. Although we have always been able to keep track of the installed systems through internet monitoring of the controls and live web-cams mounted above the digesters, with the addition of Chris to our team, we are now in a better position to do any of the work necessary to keep the systems’ operation at peak performance.

Financial Controller Eva Perry Email is a veteran of both the wine industry as well as the high-tech world of Silicon Valley. Eva makes sure we are running an efficient company and that we pay our bills on time.

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